WSC Baseball Team Season Has Started


Agnes Kurtzhals

WSC baseball season started their 2022 season against Pittsburg State in Kansas.

Anthony Munderloh, News Writer

Wayne State College’s baseball team started their 2022 season with 3 games against Pittsburg State in Kansas.  

WSC’s first game started with a loss to Pittsburg State. The score of their game was 9 to 2.  

Jackson Shelburne pitched two innings as a freshman. Shelburne is from Gretna and really emphasizes his work ethic, he says the seniors want to turn the program around and finish on a good note. Shelburne’s personal goal for this season is to become a midweek starter as a freshman. WSC’s record is 0-1 and Pittsburg State is 3-5.  

During their second baseball game, WSC ran in six of seven innings and made 20 runs in 14 hits and eight walks and made WSC 1-1 and Pittsburg record went down to 3-6.  

In the first inning, WSC scored 5 runs. Nick Barnett scored 2 runs with a big home run. Barnett is from Papillion, Nebraska and is motivated through his family, friends, teammates and coaches. Barnett’s goals for this baseball season include taking advantage of the opportunities he is given and improving as a team from last year.  

In the next inning in their second game, Andrew Hanson scored another 2-run home run making the game 7-0.  

In the fourth inning, Conner Fiene had the biggest hit of the whole game with a 3-run home run and made WSC lead to 12-4.  

WSC won the baseball game with a complete blowout 20-10. In their third and final game, Pittsburg State wins the series finale with 9-5 lead that makes WSC’s record 1-2 and Pittsburg State’s record to 4-6.