WSC photography club welcomes all skill levels


Hannah Keller

Three members of the photography club (Laynee Merrill, Kaitlyn Michaelson and Hailey Cary) build a stand to display a backdrop.

Gabriel TerWee, Staff Writer

Wayne State College is home to many diverse types of clubs and organizations, including the photography club. 

According to Laynee Merrill, the president of the club, the club is open to anyone who has an interest in photography, regardless of skill level or equipment ownership. The club has a backdrop for taking portraits, and Merrill also mentioned that the club does not provide cameras, but some members have cameras they are willing to share.  

“Bring what you have,” Merrill said. “There are some members that have cameras, so we I mean there are cameras available, as they’re just not the clubs. we do have like a we do have a backdrop for taking portraits and stuff, but the camera is a little pricey.” 

The club meets every other Tuesday at 4:00 p.m., and they usually have a few photo assignments every week. Members post their pictures on a Facebook page, where they can also practice different photography styles.  

“We usually have a few photo assignments every week and we have a Facebook page that we post our pictures on so our members can practice taking nature photography one week or black and white photography and they’ll post on that between meetings,” Merrill said. 

The club also hosts workshops throughout the year, such as a recent portrait workshop led by a professional photographer. The club has also done lightbox photography and film processing workshops in the past.  

The faculty advisor for the photography club is Liz Viall. Kaitlyn Michaelson, another member, handles social media and organization for the group. 

“I’m the president, but Kaitlyn does a lot,” Merrill said. “She’s like the social media organization type guru.” 

 The next meeting after a fundraising event on April 4 will be on April 18, and the club welcomes anyone who is interested in joining.  

Merrill shared that the time commitment for regular members is no more than 30 minutes a week, but members are welcome to spend as much time as they want pursuing their hobby.  

Merrill emphasized that the club is trying to promote inclusivity by welcoming anyone who wants to join, even those who do not have a camera. Cell phone cameras and Polaroid cameras are welcome, as well as any other equipment members want to use. For Merrill, the photography club is all about collaborating with other photographers and learning from one another.