Hot Ones Truth or Dab Social


Reagan Hudson

WSC students gather and play the card game “Truth or Dab” with hot sauce and chicken wings on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

Gage Dawson, News Writer

Wayne State College hosted a Hot Ones style social last Thursday, Nov. 10, using a “Truth or Dab” format, in the lower level of the Student Center. 

The event was available to all students, in the hopes of getting students to interact with and meet new people on campus, as well as having a fun event to for them to come to take their mind off any schoolwork or stress that they had going on.  

“[We wanted] to have students come in and have some fun…nothing too academic…this one is just pure fun and students can just come and meet and hang out,” Edi Hernandez, the International and Multicultural Program Coordinator at WSC, said. 

“[I wanted] to start to build a community for this office because I feel like most people on campus, domestic and international, don’t engage with this office enough or don’t even know it exists, so it’s a good way to get people involved,” Quirina Nicolaas, the marketing and promotions coordinator for the multicultural office on campus, said.  

Nicolaas also planned and hosted the event. 

The multicultural office hopes to continue providing students with events and opportunities that better their academic learning as well as help expand their social lives by meeting and interacting with new people.  

“We’re definitely trying to balance out that education aspect of our office with more fun social activities,” Hernandez said. 

All students who attended were able to participate, going around the table they were sitting and either having to answer a question of trivia, truth or any others that arose. If the students didn’t know the answer or chose not to answer, they would take a bite from the spicy chicken wings.  

According to Nicolaas, the turnout for the event was much better than expected and hopes to have more events like this in the future.  

For any further events going on around campus be sure to stay updated by checking the calendar on the official WSC website and by looking out for emails about events and flyers around campus.