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Sexual predators don’t deserve friends

Jayde Teutsch, Staff Writer April 19, 2023

This April marks the 22nd anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It should also be the year we stop making excuses for sexual predators.   According to the National Sexual Violence Resource...

You should shave your head, here is why

Zaynab Kouatli, Opinion Editor April 19, 2023

In her 2013 song, Lorde sings, “It’s buzzcut season.” Boy was she right!   Shaving your head is one of the most exciting things you can do. During the COVID lockdown, I had a spurt of bravery...

Adopt, Don’t Shop: support shelter dogs over breeders

Maddie Genoways, Staff Writer April 19, 2023

When I was nine, we got our first foster dog from an agency in Omaha called Nebraska Dachshund Rescue. He was a tiny, wiry thing, with skinny legs, a crooked snout, and thoroughly rotten teeth. His frail...

There are several perks to learning a new language

Kathryn Vlaanderen, News Editor April 5, 2023

When it comes to learning a second language, many individuals either say, “It is too hard!” or “It takes too much time to learn a second language!” Well, Wildcats, as a student who has studied...

Struggling in college is not shameful

Jayde Teutsch April 5, 2023

I started this article with the intention of writing a positive piece explaining the ways college can force someone to grow up, but I realized students should not have to accept the way college leaves...

What Lies Beneath: Student art is controversial, let’s talk about it

Maddie Genoways, Staff Writer April 5, 2023

On the surface, the art on display in a gallery serves up a fine visual feast, but seldom is a painting just a canvas, and rarely is an artistic choice made without reason. Behind every piece is a story,...

New MLB rules into full swing as season kicks off

Student Submission April 5, 2023

The 2023 MLB season is officially underway, as of March 30. The new season brings hope to those who love the game, but also a whole new rulebook for the players to follow.   The intention of the new...

We may be living through the greatest March Madness ever

Student Submission March 28, 2023

The 2023 NCAA March Madness men’s basketball tournament is now down to just the final four, and what a ride it has been. With the way things have been going, it may be time to declare this the greatest...

Top Gun: Maverick “feels the need for speed” as another American classic

Kathryn Vlaanderen, News Editor March 28, 2023

While registering for Fall 2023 classes and completing copious amounts of homework, I decided to watch and review two iconic movies of American cinema: “Top Gun” and its sequel: “Top Gun: Maverick.”...

We need awareness when it comes to digital blackface

Zaynab Kouatli, Opinion Editor March 21, 2023

Throughout history, black identity has been portrayed through caricatures drawing upon racial stereotypes.   The most common visual for this was the “Mammy stereotype” which depicts a heavier...

Organization spotlight: Trio Student Support Services

Kathryn Vlaanderen, News Editor March 21, 2023

According to the WSC website, “Trio Student Support Services (SSS) is a student success program that provides personal and academic support for first generation college students, students from low-income...

Women’s history is a vicious cycle

Jayde Teutsch, Staff Writer March 21, 2023

Women have fought for decades to be able to work, have possessions and simply take up space. Because of past activists, proposers of women’s rights have the opportunity to strip us of our rights; they...

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