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Illustrating the accomplishments of media trailblazers for Women’s History Month

Kathryn Vlaanderen, News Editor March 14, 2023

Women’s History Month is considered to be a celebration in March that is dedicated to celebrating women’s history.   According to, in an article titled, “Women’s History Month 2023,”...

Hot to build a timeless wardrobe

Jayde Teutsch, Staff Writer March 14, 2023

Recent years have created and brought back an endless amount of new fashion trends: low cut jeans, Uggs, mismatched patterns and the Big Red Boots. While most trending clothes are expensive or hard to...

Stop putting a price on the activities you love

Aubreanna Miller, Editor-in-Chief March 14, 2023

As usual, the new year brings new goals for people to strive for. Maybe you decided to read more. Perhaps for the last few years, you have had a goal of starting your own small business. Or maybe you just...

“Unbought” taught the audience women’s history

Lurye Baxa, Arts and Entertainment Editor March 14, 2023

Did I ever think I would learn more about women’s history from a one-woman show than I did in history class? No. But I did anyway.  “Unbought” is the story of three African American women in...

Gorillaz “Cracker Island” is catchy but not their best

Gabriel TerWee, Staff Writer February 28, 2023

Gorillaz released their eighth studio album “Cracker Island” on Feb. 24.   The album features the likes of many genre-bending artists but still struggles at times to crawl out of the shadow of...

Supporting those who resell ethically

Zaynab Kouatli, Opinion Editor February 28, 2023

A person who purchases products at a low price and sells said products to their customers at a higher price is known as a reseller. There are several kinds of resellers from sneaker heads and antiques...

“Outer Banks” season three is just as binge worthy as the others

Lurye Baxa, Arts and Entertainment Editor February 28, 2023

Alright, so here’s the deal. I have always been a fan of “Outer Banks.” I have been watching it since the beginning.  However, this season did not hit the mark like the other two.  “Outer...

How to change your major

Hailey Walsh, Staff Writer February 21, 2023

Changing your major is easy. Trust me. I’ve done it five times. However, there are a few steps to take if you want to change your major.   The first thing you need to know is that there is someone...

Surviving Valentine’s Day post breakup

Jayde Teutsch, Staff Writer February 21, 2023

Valentine’s Day can be a bit gloomy for anyone spending it single. This February 14 was my first Valentine's Day after ending a long-term relationship, and there were a few differences I noticed.   I...

This February, choose recovery

Aubreanna Miller, Editor-in-Chief February 14, 2023

Valentine’s Day came and went with an explosion of red and pink, hearts and flowers, chocolate and guys making their yearly posts about their too-good-for-them girlfriends. Just like many of you, I spent...

Dear Diary: It is time to quit vaping

Anonymous February 14, 2023

Dear diary,  I have been vaping for quite a long time. I always tell myself, “This is the last one,” but that was never the case. I have spent hundreds of dollars to fuel my addiction. I quit for...

Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird’ flies to Broadway with a powerful message

Kathryn Vlaanderen, News Editor February 14, 2023

Throughout everyone’s education, they come across Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” in one way or another. This might be through the Gregory Peck film or reading the words from Harper Lee’s...

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