There are several perks to learning a new language

Kathryn Vlaanderen, News Editor

When it comes to learning a second language, many individuals either say, “It is too hard!” or “It takes too much time to learn a second language!” Well, Wildcats, as a student who has studied the Spanish language since my sophomore year of high school, I can assure you that there is more than meets the odds when it comes learning an entirely different language.  

When deciding between the pros and cons of learning a foreign language, there are a few well-known benefits that come from learning a language that is different from your own.  

It is no tightly kept secret that skills like communication, memory and speaking improves tremendously when trying to grasp new concepts, words and sounds that are entirely different from your own. Learning a second language helps improve one’s mental flexibility around concepts and may boost one’s own IQ, according to a document titled “Key Points of the Benefits of Foreign Language Learning to Include in Letters to Legislators” by the University of Oregon.  

A foreign language class will help an individual gains more opportunities in the workforce. Believe it or not, this helps a candidate for a huge company stand out among numerous candidates, according to Foyle International, a private English Language school, in an article titled, “7 Benefit of Learning a Foreign Language.”  

While learning Spanish, I have learned a lot of different facts about the culture that surrounds Spanish-speaking countries. For example, learning a new language brings out numerous different experiences that can range from tasting new cuisines like Paella, admiring a new art piece by Pablo Picasso or even having the chance to learning to dance to music from a different culture.    

One of the most important things that can happen while learning a foreign language is the connection that one can feel once they have had the chance to get to know the culture, they’ve had the chance to learn from. This often comes from speaking and interacting with an individual that experiences that culture and speaks the language fluently on a daily basis.   

In my own personal experience, the feeling of finally understanding a language brings a new kind of confidence to the student. From speaking aloud words that seem unfamiliar to learning unique facts about a culture that is different than one’s own.  

If you have learned anything from reading through this long article, let it be that it is possible to learn and become fluent in a foreign language. While it does take a lot of time and effort to become fluent in a language, the benefits and rich experiences are much larger than the difficulties one might face with learning something new like a foreign language.