Art and Poetry Students Team up on Collaborative Project


Reagan Hudson

Jazmin Hill’s sculpture representing “Rage” in the WSC library for the Poetic Packaging collaborative sculpture and poetry project. 

Brittney Palik, News Writer

Poetry students and art students paired up to collaborate on sculpture and poetry that are on display in the library and Humanities building.  

“The idea behind the project is to get poetry students and design students collaborating on ideas,” Sarah Lemmon, professor of the design class making the sculptures, said. “We are having them each choose an emotion and then they are paired up based on the emotion they chose. They come up with an idea in which their poems and sculptures are related in some way.”  

A total of 28 sculpture and poetry pairs are displayed around campus. Booklets can be picked up with the poetry printed inside along with the locations of the corresponding sculptures.  

Art student Hannah Linn chose the word insecurity and was paired up with poetry student Emily Chamberlain for the collaboration.  

“My partner came up with the poem and I came up with the sculpture,” Linn said. “We emailed back and forth and made a plan. I showed her my sketches and we discussed some of her poem ideas. I’m basing the sculpture off of her poem.” 

Linn’s sculpture depicts a person scrunched up into a ball holding a small hand mirror. Linn said they are meant to look slumped over and defeated.  

Alexandra Splittgerberg, another art student, chose hysteria for her emotion and partnered with Madison Mendoza for the collaborative project. Splittgerberg’s sculpture is a woman kneeling with an explosion coming out of her chest to signify the uncontrollable part of hysteria, Splittgerberg said.  

“We had a form to fill out together, we met up and talked about our word and what it meant, where we wanted to go with it, and how we would connect the poem with the sculpture,” Splittgerberg said. “We’ve been talking throughout the process about each other’s work.”  

The sculptures made by the art students are constructed from cardboard and hot glue. The sculptures will be on display until the end of the fall semester.