I watched the lowest rated Disney movie so you don’t have to

Lurye Baxa, Arts and Entertainment Editor

I feel extremely glad I do not pay for my Disney+ subscription. Instead, I only wasted my time and not my money watching this movie. 

“The Jungle Book 2” came out in 2003 and was directed by Steve Trenbirth. Given a whopping score of 18% by Rotten Tomatoes, it is actually the highest scoring movie I have covered so far. 

“The Jungle Book 2” follows Mowgli (voiced by Haley Joel Osment) as he decides normal life just is not for him. He misses his friends in the jungle. So, he runs away. 

I mean, “You can take boy out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of boy,” is an actual line from the movie.  

He ends up bringing along his little playmate/girlfriend Shanti (voiced by Mae Whitman). This makes the loveable Baloo (voiced by John Goodman) jealous. Because how dare a little boy have more than one friend? Or even a human friend, I guess.  

The trio peel mangoes, sing, dance and overall just have a fun time. That is until Mowgli and Shanti wander off and get caught up with villains. Mowgli gets his old foe the tiger Shere Khan (voiced by Tony Jay), while Shanti gets to deal with a snake named Kaa (voiced by Jim Cummings).  

Kaa is literally the only good part about this movie, by the way. She is cunning and sassy. She’s also animated very well.  

Baloo ends up saving the two younglings and all is well. Until Shere Khan strikes again and puts them all into a weird temple. 

Then, they get out and live happily ever after. 

That is the entire plot. And this movie came out theatrically. 

“The Jungle Book 2” is dimwitted and dull. Nothing interesting happens at all. I am a huge Disney fan and usually love even the bad movies, but this movie is just horrible. 

The songs are not even good. And they repeat “The Bare Necessities” from the original three or four times. 

“The Jungle Book 2” gained $135.7 million in the box office, but that just means many people wasted their money on the most boring Disney movie ever. This movie should have been released direct to DVD, anyway. 

I promise I am not a hater. This movie is just that bad. If it was a candy, it would be butterscotch; old and reused. 

And guess what! They are making it into a live action movie. Disney needs a reality check. 

Seriously, watch any other movie than this. Being forced to read “Great Expectations” in high school was more interesting.