“Outer Banks” season three is just as binge worthy as the others

Lurye Baxa, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Alright, so here’s the deal. I have always been a fan of “Outer Banks.” I have been watching it since the beginning. 

However, this season did not hit the mark like the other two. 

“Outer Banks” season three was released on Feb. 23 on Netflix. There are 10 episodes, with each one averaging 50 minutes. Though, episode 10 is an hour and a half. 

If you have not seen the newest season, stop reading now. Spoilers are ahead. 

The season starts where season two left off. The group of Pogues is stuck on a deserted island, which they affectionately named “Poguelandia.”  

The Pogues consist of John B (played by Chase Stokes), Sarah (played by Madelyn Cline), JJ (played by Rudy Pankow), Kie (played by Madison Bailey), Pope (played by Jonathan Daviss) and Cleo (played by Carlacia Grant). The end of season two was obviously pairing off the characters. JJ and Kie began having moments together and Pope and Cleo seemed to hit it off. And, of course, John B and Sarah have been together since season one. 

I have my feelings about JJ and Kie, but that is not the point of this review. 

The Pogues are miraculously rescued from Poguelandia and taken to Barcelona. However, because nothing ever goes right with this group, Kie ends up captured by Carlos Singh (played by Andy McQueen), who is apparently a very scary man who basically owns the island (and the police). 

The Pogues go on an adventure to rescue her, but she actually ends up saving herself (with a little help from Rafe played by Drew Starkey). Along the way, John B kept hearing church bells go off. However, they were in the tune that his father (who was presumed dead) would use to call him back home. John B decided to check it out, but the Pogues were unable to wait for him and had to leave Barcelona.  

It ends up being worth it, though, when John B finds Big John (played by Charles Halford). After a sweet reunion, the father and son go on a quick mission to receive a statue that was supposedly found in El Dorado and then leave the island. 

Yes, the treasure hunt this season is El Dorado, a real legend of a city made of pure gold. 

The Pogues split up when they make it back to the Outer Banks. John B sticks with his dad while everyone else works with Pope to try to get the Cross of Santo Domingo (which is part of Pope’s family). 

A lot of stuff happens. Big John kills some people, they find the other part of the statue that Big John had and John B lies to the group about El Dorado. On the other side of things, the Pogues get what they believe to be the Cross, but in reality Rafe already had it and melted it down. 

After that, things kind of slowed down. 

Sarah went and hung out with Topper (played by Austin North). Topper is an interesting character that I despise, but whenever I see him, I can only think about the time Austin North guest-starred on “Kickin’ It” as a cringy pop star. Sarah cheats on John B with Topper and John B finds out. To add fuel to the fire, he finds out right after Big John was kidnapped by Carlos Singh. 

The break up, like they do every season, and John B and JJ start working up a plan to get to South America. Sarah gets her dad, Ward (played by Charles Esten), to let them use his airplane to get to South America. This makes John B forgive Sarah and they get back together. 

Topper, being the annoying and horrible character he is, ends up burning down John B’s house because Sarah got back together with John B. If that is not the most dramatic thing in the world, I do not know what is. 

The Pogues get ready to leave to South America and all ask permission from the parents. Pope and Cleo are given the okay, but Kie is instead sent to a “wilderness camp” called Kitty Hawk because her parents think she is a delinquent. 

Instead of joining the group on the plane, JJ goes and saves her. They kiss, they confess their love and then they get on a plane with a drug dealer. It all works out. 

Ward ended up stabbed in the side by a hitman (because those exist in the Outer Banks apparently) and then got on the airplane with the Pogues just as they were going to take off. 

They all make it to South America, rescue Big John and somehow meet up. Sarah, John B, Ward and Big John go off on their own to find El Dorado, while the other Pogues follow after them. 

The other Pogues are doing just fine. Pope and Cleo kiss and everyone is happy. 

The others, however, have some difficulties. After another run in with Carlos Singh and figuring out the secret message, Big John gets shot. However, they do end up miraculously finding El Dorado. Sarah and John B obviously take advantage of the loose gold on the ground. 

A lot of stuff happens then. Big John blows up the entrance to El Dorado so that Singh cannot get the gold and Ward shows up to kill everyone. 

Just as Ward was getting ready to shoot Big John, the rest of the Pogues randomly showed up with machetes to stop him.  

Things go down and suddenly one of Singh’s men shows up to kill Sarah. Ward runs at him and they both fall to their deaths. 

While this was happening, Big John was on the brink of death. The group of Pogues try to make their way off of the island before he died, but they were too late. 

Suddenly, there’s a time jump of 18 months. The Pogues are living their best lives. They are celebrated as treasure hunters on the island and are now rich. 

After a ceremony for them, the group of Pogues are approached by an old man with a briefcase. He has a proposition for them. A new treasure hunt, one even bigger than what they have already found. A hunt to find the ship of Edward Teach, otherwise known as Black Beard. 

This season was definitely good. However, it does not reach the greatness of the other two seasons. Like always, the show is very good at building relationships and keeping things interesting. 

The relationship between Pope and Cleo was so well done. It was slow and the love and was not sudden. However, on the other side of things, JJ and Kie felt like they were just thrown together. They had maybe a couple moments last season, but nothing to show any sort of attraction between the two. Even so, the relationship is cute enough. 

The time jump was sudden and almost unnecessary. The island that was so against the Pogues in the past are all of the sudden celebrating their accomplishments. John B was literally given the death sentence in season two.  

“Outer Banks” season three definitely has its issues. There always seems to be some with Netflix shows. Even so, the season was enjoyable. I mean, I did binge watch it the day it came out. 

“Outer Banks” is currently available on Netflix. Another season is currently in the works.