Open mic night
(things got weird)


Photo courtesy of Chad Christensen

Students filled the Coffee Shoppe on Main for the Judas Goat open mic night on Wednesday, Oct. 8.

Chad Christensen

Ah, the Judas Goat. Everyone loves it, yet nobody knows what it is. Two weeks ago, the editing and publishing students hosted an open mic at the Coffee Shoppe on Main as a way of spreading Judas Goat awareness. This epic event was— life fulfilling. People got crazy. People got weird. People read poetry. And it all had to do with this mysterious and elusive Goat.

In the olden days, the Judas Goat was actually a goat which led animals to their slaughter. Today, the Judas Goat is only slightly different. We still like to slaughter animals, but it’s also a literary magazine. And unknown by many people, it has been at Wayne State for many many moons. Its sole purpose in life is to feature the poetry, short fiction and photography of Wayne State undergraduates.

The magazine is put together by several hardworking editing students and published annually in the spring by the WSC Press.

This year’s editors are Sharon Carr and Stephanie Hempel. Together they’re spreading the rumor that “The Judas Goat is like drizzled licorice and bad like stilettos. It will steal your lunch money but let you ride handlebars home on its bike. It is the kind of book you look for in a person.”

Submissions are currently open and you can find more information at

The next Judas Goat open mic will be Nov. 5 at the Coffee Shoppe on Main at 7:30 p.m. My goal is to make it as strange as last time, which will be tough. Bring your poems and short fictions. I’ll see you there.