Letter to the Editor

Richard Rhoden

Need a getaway weekend? Of course you do, college is beyond stressful.

Take a weekend road trip this weekend to Sioux Falls for the NSIC tournament.

I made several trips to the Pentagon during my time at WSC to follow the Wildcats as the Sports Editor for the Stater, and there’s no better environment for a basketball game.

This is where March Madness begins. All the excitement and drama you see on television during the NCAA tournament? Yeah, you can find that at the NSIC tournament, too.

Plus, you can be the difference between a win and a loss in one of the games.

I still have nightmares of a shot Sioux Falls player Bailey Bauman buried as time expired to send the game to overtime and take a win away from the favored Lady Wildcats. Look up the March 5, 2014, edition of the Stater in the online archives for more on this.

My point is, I felt like the student section of Sioux Falls had a tremendous hand in that game. Those of you who travel to Sioux Falls for the weekend can have that same effect and I promise, women’s Coach Chris Kielsmeier will thank each one of you after the big win.

You have some great basketball teams there; do whatever you can to support them.

Also, my congratulations to Maggie Schulte on joining the 1,000 point club and joining the elite of the elite. I got a chance to see her play in her early years, and she was quite the player then–even better now. I am really happy for her, because that exclusive company is in high regard.

Best of luck to all the Wildcat athletics–we alumni are watching close.

Richard Rhoden
WSC and The Wayne Stater alumni
Aurora, Nebraska