The Wayne Stater

Do the things that make you happy

Julia Baxter, Guest Columnist

March 4, 2020

Sometimes, it’s okay to be ridiculous. Do things that make you happy, even if they are ridiculous and only make you laugh because they are ridiculous. I love doing stupid and silly things. I have a sloth pen case and a hot...

Life on the low road: part 2

Jacob Stewart, Columnist

March 4, 2020

The sun is shining and the beer is cold. What could be wrong with something as peaceful as this combination? Well, that’s what I’m here to tell you, readers. After all, what would this column be without an air of cynicism? For...

Salute to spring break

Hunter Kiburz, Guest Columnist

March 4, 2020

Per usual, spring break is the best time for college students around the country with some colleges getting out for a week or more. But this means that those students can now go back home, vacation or do whatever they would...

Shaking like a bowl of corn chowder

Vito Cole

February 26, 2020

WebMD defines essential tremors as a nerve disorder characterized by uncontrollable shaking, or “tremors,” in different parts and on different sides of the body. Areas affected often include the hands, arms, head, larynx (voice...

Letter to the Editor

February 26, 2020

We would like to tell the Pep Band how much we appreciate not only the music they provide at each basketball game, but them cheering the team on. We would also like to thank the young men and women for their kindness to a young...

Resisting a rest: the modern student

Sean Dunn

February 19, 2020

Think about the last time you really felt well-rested. I’m not just talking about “eight hours” rested. I mean, when was the last time you felt like you could take on the day, no questions asked, with nothing bothering you?...

Treacherous truths

Julia Baxter, Staff Writer

February 19, 2020

There are some truths that the world has decided to reject. I for one, refuse to stay silent about these quiet and odd facts any longer. Midnight hereby shall henceforthbe called “Endofnight” as it is truly not only the...

I went vegan for a month and almost died

Nick Ulrich, Opinion Editor

February 19, 2020

I decided to give Veganuary a shot. All of my friends were talking about the health benefits and how I was a hypocrite for not going vegan, so I said “Why not? What’s the worst that could happen? So I began my month-long...

Tie Night

The Skinny Chronicles, Vito Cole

February 12, 2020

I have a hard time with February. Don’t get me wrong, February has its good points. My mom’s birthday is in February. I love my mom dearly. My dad’s birthday was in February too, Feb. 12. Abraham Lincoln’s birthday,...

Awards: Why representation matters

Shelby Hagerdon, Guest Columnist

February 12, 2020

In case you missed it, the Academy Awards were this past weekend. Bright lights, attempts at comedic interludes, and average musical productions saturated the show as they displayed some of the best films made in 2019. Unfortunately,...

Hearing voices or seeing things?

Morgan Cardenas, Sports Editor

February 5, 2020

So, over the weekend, I was scrolling through both Facebook and Twitter like any other bored college student. Suddenly I came across this article about how, when thinking, some people either hear their own voice in their head...

Letter to the editor

Lauren White

February 5, 2020

My original motivation was my close friend, who lives in the same dorm as me. She was raped, and the cops really didn’t do anything to help her case, even though there are more victims from her rapist. He dropped out of school...