Women’s rugby: Undefeated

Courteny Upah, Staff Writer

Women’s rugby remains unde­feated as they win three games in the Jackalope Tournament in Laramie, Wyo. this past weekend.

“Colorado State was very im­pressive, very hard runners and tried to muscle up on the scrum, we simply dug our cleats in and hung on in a very hard fought game,” Coach Darrin Barner said.

Jakaia Blackman proved to be a top scorer, adding three tries over the weekend, having two of those tries come from a loose ball after a ruck. Blackman also made a 40-yard run off of a mulita phase attack down the center of the field.

Kelsey Stutzman also took charge, making four field goals over the weekend.

Kelsa Mills ended up making the key score against Colorado State when she ran ten yards after a great pass by Charlie Caniglia.

Colorado State was hoping to tie up the game by running with a long run down the left side, but a tackle from Turner MacPhee caused the ball to fumble in the endzone which was recovered by WSC.

The final score of the Colorado State University game was 7-0, while the other games were a blowout for the Wildcats, winning 60-7 over Chardon State College and 30-7 over Wyoming.

So far, the women started out number one in the nation for rugby and they are going strong holding their title. If WSC is able to take the lead coming right out the bat, this should be a good year for rugby.