Ack-whack fever

Marcel Dunson, Staff Writer

Nathan Ackerman hit a home run in his fifth straight game Sunday to lead WSC to another win. 

Ackerman now has 8 homers on the season, 11 shy of the home run record in a single season (Eric Bond with 19).

You would think hitting a home run would be an easy task for Ackerman, but he thinks otherwise.

“Hitting a home run is really tough. Even barreling up a baseball can be extremely difficult,” Ackerman said. 

WSC still has 29 games to play in the 2015 season, plenty of time for Ackerman to catch Bond in a single-season home run chase.

“I have no idea what the home run record is. I’m just going to keep trying to help my team in any way I can to win,” Ackerman said. “Whether that’s laying down a sac bunt or hitting a gap.”

Ackerman has had a long journey becoming a part of the WSC baseball family. He didn’t receive any Division 1 offers out of high school or receive any scholarships he wanted, so he decided to take the junior college route and attended Southern Idaho for two years.

“CSI has done so much for me, and they developed me straight out of high school,” Ackerman said.

Now he plans on finishing his career at WSC and really enjoys being a part of the baseball team. 

“Coach Koch has done a lot for me. We trained all fall and winter and he really pushed us to be the best,” Ackerman said. “The coaches are amazing and the team is truly a family.”