Visiting comedian has some small town fun


Kurtis Mlinar

Comedian Marina Franklin entertained a small crowd with her big city humor in Ramsey Theater last Thursday.

Derek Pufahl, Staff Writer

New York comedian Marina Franklin returned to Nebraska on Thursday, foregoing the Funny Bone in Omaha (her previous Nebraska visit, four years ago) to give Wayne State students a bit of her stand-up routine in Ramsey Theater.

Franklin is known for her appearances on shows like Wanda Syke’s “Herlarious,” Showtime’s “Women Who Kill,” “The Jay Leno Show,” “Chappelle’s Show,” NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and “Showtime at The Apollo.”

“There are, what, 3,000 students who go here?” Franklin said, opening the performance. “Well, you guys are the lucky ones!”

And she did not disappoint. Students enjoyed comic material touching on the major differences between big city and small town life, the sex patterns of stray cats, as well as her teetering on being a pedophile. Students also learned another, more sexual way to play Double Dutch.

Though the crowd was small Thursday night, it didn’t stop a great performance. Franklin was interactive with the audience, calling to the distant camera man: “Why don’t you come down here?”

Franklin, originally from Chicago, graduated from the University of Illinois and received her MFA in acting at Syracuse University. She then moved to New York where she started doing stand-up during open mic nights. After being laid off at a consulting firm, she began doing stand-up fulltime.

She can usually be found at places like The Comedy Cellar in New York, so being in a town as small as Wayne was a change for Franklin.

When looking for a place to eat in town she said: “I guess Wayne hasn’t caught on to whole low-carb thing yet.”

However, she did enjoy her stay at Cobblestone Hotel, looking out her window at a field.

“I love it,” Franklin said. “Being away from so many people, it’s relaxing. It’s like a little vacation. People say, ‘Hi, how are you?’ and they actually mean it.”

During her stand-up, Franklin told the audience that while here, she wanted to “get her a rich farmer.”

Whether or not she actually did is between her and possibly some regular down at Mikey’s bar.