WSC football head coach resigns after best season since 2011

Ryan Herek, News Writer

Monday night in Wayne, Nebraska rumors started to swirl that John McMenamin, Wayne State College’s head football coach would be taking a job somewhere else.

At first there were speculations of him returning to the University of Central Missouri where he came from to be taking the head coach position. Later that night, those rumors turned out to be untrue. Sources close to the team said that he has accepted an assistant coaching position at Tulane University.

McMenamin called a team meeting that Tuesday morning where he would address the team for a final time. In that meeting, McMenamin told the team that he would be accepting a position at Tulane and resigning as head coach at WSC.

McMenamin said in the meeting that WSC is a very special place, and this is one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do.

“I mean I had known for a couple weeks that the head coach at Central Missouri had left, and they were considering McMenamin as one of their top prospects,” Tyler Leclair, a freshman middle linebacker said. “But I never really thought about Tulane.”

In his short time here, McMenamin turned the program around and in his lone season led the team to a 7-4 record. That is the best record the football team has had at Wayne State since 2011.

“I feel like McMenamin came in and put us on the right track to be a contender In the NSIC and I am very grateful for everything he did here,” Shane Orr, a sophomore wide receiver, said.

“I think he left us with a great foundation,” LeCair said. “In the end, it’s a business and there always has to be those jobs that you have to take in order to move up and this was one of them for coach.”

“I think coach said it best when he resigned, he told us that the coaches are just the facilitators, and this is our team and I 100% believe that not one man is bigger than the football program here at Wayne,” Orr said. “No doubt he has influenced our coaching staff here at Wayne and I am excited for what the future holds.”

Logan Masters, who was the offensive coordinator for this year’s team, will be announced as head football coach later this week. Masters is a WSC football alum class of 2009. He addressed the team Monday morning and said even though the face of the program may have changed, the goals and standards remain the same.