Student film screenings

Adam Lundeen, News Writer

*Update: The showing has been moved to Ley Theatre in the Brandenburg Education Building on WSC campus at 7 p.m.*

The Wayne State College electronic media and film programs will be hosting a red carpet film event Tuesday, Sept. 14th, starting at 7 p.m. at the Majestic Theatre.

Four locally made films will be shown in a red-carpet event on September 14th at the Majestic Theatre in Wayne.

Three of the films were made by Wayne State College students and one was made by assistant professor of communication arts, Dr. Michael White.

“The screenings are important because a lot of what film makers have to do is promote their own work,” White said.

The event allows for the students to get some exposure and celebrate all of the work they did.

The student films were created entirely by the students themselves, from start to finish. All of the crew is made up of the student body. Ally Boyd, a senior of the media program, talks about why she thinks the red-carpet event is important.

Boyd believes that the event is valuable because it helps “to lift up creative voices…” She goes on to explain that because Nebraska has such a small community of filmmakers, showings, like the one on the 14th, give the public a chance to see creative works they might not see otherwise.

Many of the students involved in these films will be at the theatre for a question and answer session after each film is shown, allowing those in attendance to get a more in depth understanding of the work the students put into them.

The films include “Connor & Annie,” written and directed by Blake Bodlak, “The Adventures of Mara Jade: A Star Wars Fan Film,” directed by Mark Albers and Shelby Hagerdon, “The Red String of Fate,” directed by Ally Boyd and Griffin Presnell and “A Day with Lily,” produced by Dr. White and Shelby Hagerdon.

“Connor & Annie” is about a pair of estranged friends who struggle to rekindle their former friendship.

“The Adventures of Mara Jade: A Star Wars Fan Film” follows Mara Jade on a mission to save a force-sensitive child from bounty hunters.

“The Red String of Fate,” a film based on an old Japanese folk legend, is about a boy who finds out that his life is connected to a girl and how he struggles to deal with his fate and the ridicule of others.

“A Day With Lily” is a story about a woman who deals with her childhood abuse when a five-year-old girl is thrust into her life, bringing back those terrible memories.