Wildcat basketball women earn two wins in January play

Brianna Crouch, Staff Writer

The Wayne State Wildcats women’s basketball team hosted the Winona State Warriors Jan. 29 and 30. The Wildcats pulled off two wins over the weekend going 75-70 and 72-61.  

In the first game on Jan. 29, senior forward Erin Norling and senior point guard Halley Busse tied with the number of points made (21 points) in the first game. Other players, Josey Ryan (12 points) and Kylie Hammer (10 points) followed behind. Ryan assisted in a layup three minutes into the game, helping the WSC take the lead 13-5.  

The Warriors continued to keep scoring, making the second quarter close, causing the Wildcats to battle back each time to score after them. With five minutes remaining of the second quarter, Autumn Mlinar scored a basket and Norling came back with a 3-pointer to tie the game at 32-32. Winona had the advantage for the remainder of the quarter by taking the lead at 40-37.  

The Wildcats and Warriors went back and forth with scoring points. After the Warriors took a 62-52 lead early in the fourth quarter Wayne State was able to return consecutive 3-pointers from Busse to change the score to 62-58. Busse and Hammer made the score 74-70 with nine seconds left to end the game. 

 In the second matchup, the first quarter was fast paced. Norling and Busse tied in most points in the game with 20. Mlinar (13) and Ryan (8) followed behind in points. Norling scored seven points and Mlinar scored a pair of 3-pointers to start the lead of the game at 22-19. 

The Warrior’s started the second half at 35-31 lead. With good scoring, WSC took a 47-42 lead, but Winona State came back to even the score 47-45. Norling regained their lead to finish the third quarter at 55-49. In the final quarter, Wayne State was able to remain strong and win 71-60.  

The Wildcats traveled to Sioux Falls for NSIC South Division games Feb. 5 and Feb. 6. The women Wildcats will face Southwest Minnesota State in Wayne in two games on Feb. 12 and 13.