That’s a wrap on Shakespeare

Sarah Lentz, Staff Writer

Puke, tornado jokes and Shakespeare don’t usually come together but last weekend, the Wayne Community Theater brought all of these elements together for its production of “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged).”

John Dunning, Josh Calkin and Aaron Von Seggern made up the small but mighty cast. Dunning works as the Chief Information Officer at WSC, while Calkin is the Assistant Director of Bands and Von Seggern is a music education major.

For those familiar with the high school drama department staple, this rendition was definitely new.

While funny, Wayne Community Theater’s version of the play employed mostly juvenile jokes and bits.

There was a recurring gag where Von Seggern, who had all of the female roles, would run into the audience and pretend to throw up on various attendees whenever the ladies of Shakespeare were being hysterical.

In fact, audience participation was a very big part of “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged).” At one point, two people were pulled on stage to represent “Hamlet” character Ophelia’s id and ego while the rest of the audience had to chant various statements.

The three cast members gave great, high-energy performances throughout the entire show, which was no small feat for the super fast-paced play.

Each member fell into a sort of pattern. Dunning was often the voice of reason, Calkin was the straight man or sarcastic skeptic and Von Seggern covered the goofy, oddball persona.

They also put a very local and personal touch to the performance, especially when Dunning chased Von Seggern off the stage and Calkin joked that before the October 4, 2013 tornado, Dunning would have already caught the fleeing Von Seggern.

This was probably not a production for the children of Wayne with the somewhat racy jokes, but was a pretty light-hearted and slapstick-y fun performance from the Wayne Community Theater.