JP Saxe drops extended play works

Zachary Hain, Staff Writer

Artist JP Saxe released a new EP, (extended play), called ‘Hold It Together’ on Spotify. This EP contains six songs including: 25 in Barcelona: “If The World Was Ending,” featuring Julia Michaels; “Sad Corny F***;” “3 Minutes;” “Explain You;” and the title track, “Hold It Together.”

Five out of the six songs on this EP have been labeled as explicit, so if you like music without foul language then this EP may not be for you. If you don’t mind foul language in your music, this EP should serve your fancy.

The title track ‘Hold It Together’ is a nice little song about keeping your emotions and life in check. I like this song because it’s a nice, slow song and can be seen as inspirational because he wants to get his life on track. ‘Sad Corny F***’ is a slow, love song about how he’s enamored with his love interest.

I’m not necessarily a fan of this song because the element of foul language is set right in the title and that might turn people away from this song.

‘If The World Was Ending’ is a nice, slow song about two unlikely lovers getting together. I’ve listened to music from Julia Michaels before, and I like her vocals. I believe that she adds to this song. I like this song because it’s slow but it also has a good beat.

If you wanted a good wedding song that you could slow dance to, but is quicker than a normal ‘slow dance song’ then this is the song for you. ‘25 in Barcelon’’ is about a man who has turned 25 but is alone in Barcelona, Spain.

The character in this song is trying to forget a lover but she’s all that comes to his mind especially when he plays songs about her to the Spanish people. I like this song because like “If The World Was Ending” it’s slow but has a good beat to it.

“3 Minutes” is another song about two lovers getting together. This is one of those songs where they don’t care what everyone else thinks about their relationship. I like this song mainly for the catchy chorus. This song does have the most cursing in this EP though, but I like the chorus mostly. “Explain You” is a song about a guy who’s trying to figure out the mystery of why this girl broke up with him. I like this song because like “3 Minutes”, I like the chorus to this song.

After listening to this EP, I would definitely recommend this EP to anyone who likes slower music about love and fixing your life. I like JP’s vocals. His tone adds to the overall tone of his songs.

If I were to choose a favorite, I would choose “If The World Was Ending” because his duet with Julia Michaels works for this song, and I like songs that could potentially use for weddings.

If you don’t mind foul language in your music and you like slower songs, I would recommend that you listen to JP Saxe’s six song EP, “Hold It Together.”