Electronic media program offers students innovation

Marquise Jones, Staff Writer

Not many people outside of the Wayne State electronic media program really know what happens on the fourth floor of humanities, or what the program really is. “It’s basically understanding how media can incorporate communication in both the communicative, and creative aspect,” senior Sean Dunn said.

The electronic media program is one of the fastest growing programs on campus, but it has not always been what it is today. Dr. Mike White has been at the head of the media program and it’s development over the last few years. “We are definitely on the cusp of all the cutting-edge things, in many ways our program is more advanced than other programs in other parts of the country.” Mike White, electronic media professor, said.

The electronic media program is unique because of the special skills students learn. On the fourth floor of Humanities students can find and learn how to use tens of thousands of dollars worth of state-of-the-art film equipment such as LED lights, booms, shotgun microphones, and black magic 4K cameras, which are available for use on student projects, White said.

Student produced films are a big part of what makes the Wayne State media program different than programs at other schools. White said every part of the films are done by students. From the writing to the filming to the editing. Students cast other students to act. Crews are all students and everything in between.

There are opportunities outside the classroom to get involved in the electronic media program. Dunn is the president of Media Club, a group that meets every Monday to watch and discuss films. He said they talk in depth about what makes films good in terms of acting, cinematography and writing along with other aspects.