Madden NFL 20 brings new features

Marquise Jones, Staff Writer

Earlier this month, Electronic Arts released their newest installment of the annual Madden NFL football franchise.

This year’s edition, Madden NFL 20, promises to be a big step forward from last years game.

This game features Patrick Mahomes, American professional football player and quarter back for the Kansas City Chiefs, as the cover athlete.

There are a few major addition to this game, and I am excited to dive in.

One of the big additions to this game is the QB1 (starting quarterback) face of the franchise mode. In this mode, you get to dive into the college experience.

You get to pick between a handful of college teams to lead through the football playoff and try to win a national championship.

Your performance in these games can raise or lower your draft stock.

You then go through a combine workout to try and get the scouts attention.

After your college career, and NFL draft, you are thrown into the franchise mode where you control your quarterback and lead your team to ultimate victory.

The most prominent addition to this year’s game is the Superstar X-factor abilities. This new feature gives you the ability to use the best players to truly take over the game.
If you let your star players heat up, they gain abilities that boost your players’ performance.

For instance, Patrick Mahomes ability “Bazooka” gives him an extra 15 yards on deep passes. These abilities can really help you change the outcome of the game.

In my opinion, it makes the game more fun while keeping the game realistic. Truly being able to use your star players to their full potential makes the game more exciting.

The gameplay as a whole runs smoother than before. You no longer find yourself running into the back of a lineman and just falling on your face for a two-yard loss.

Running backs now have a bit more awareness and ability to move around blocks. On the defensive side of the ball, tackling mechanics require you to use a little more skill.

Rather than just spamming the tackle button, or hit stick, and praying your guys get there.

The game now requires you to use more control to get your player in position to make a good tackle.