‘Cats can do more than land on all fours

WSC students show off their talent in 'So you think you're a Wildcat?' competition

Laynee Merrill, Staff Writer

“So, You Think You’re a Wildcat?” left students dying of laughter as contestants displayed their unique personalities in Ramsey Theater on Oct 3.

This talent and fashion show was previously called Mr. Wayne State. However, they included women in the competition this year. I think this was a much-needed change. Women have just as much spirit for this school as the men, and it is a great opportunity for them to display this.

This year there were four competitors, Marcus Tofflemire, Lisa Dohmen, Colton McCoy and Marie Williams. Williams won the competition, with Tofflemire coming in close second.

Feraz Ozel was the emcee. He did some standup comedy routines between acts. His raunchy comedy pushed the limits of appropriateness, but does that really matter to college students?

The contestants began with an evening wear competition. Tofflemire stole the stage with his classy look of sweatpants and a t-shirt stained with Cheetos dust. McCoy came out in a risky look, rocking a horse head and a bath robe. Based off the audience’s reaction, his risk paid off.

The second portion of the contest was dedicated to the constants’ talents. Dohmen’s talent was stand-up, in which she made jokes about her car catching on fire. Tofflemire’s magic card trick was mystical. I am still wondering how he pulled it off. Williams performed a jaw-dropping strip-dance routine that left me stunned.

The third part of the show was theme wear. McCoy came out with the same level of playful randomness and humor as he did for the evening wear competition, riding across the stage in a wagon filled with beachballs. Williams stole the show when she came out in her band uniform and performed a song on her trombone.

For the penultimate competition contestants had to test their acting abilities and imitate WSC faculty or staff members. As a freshman, I was not familiar with a lot of the faculty members that were being imitated but based off the audience’s reactions they were spot on. The imitation I did recognize was Williams hilariously imitating Dr. Marysz Rames, Wayne State College president.

The final competition of the night was the pickup lines competition. Contestants had to share their best and worst pickup lines. Tofflemire radiated off his charm by showing us how he caught his girlfriend. Dohmen shared with us how she hit on the firemen when her car caught fire. Williams shocked the audience with her worst pickup line. It was a risqué line about a belt. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

The race between Tofflemire and Williams was close. They were only .3 points away from each other, but Williams just managed to beat out Tofflemire for the crown.

Marie Williams
Feraz Ozel