Beckman’s take on Einstein Brother’s Bagels

Erin Beckman, Staff Writer

Einstein Brother’s Bagels and Caribou Coffee have found their new home on the first floor of Conn Library.

Einstein’s Bagels is a new restaurant that is known for fresh, handmade bagels.

Although they are known well for their bagels, they also provides a variety of food options.

There is an assortment of their fresh bagels and cream cheeses. The variety of bagels is very wide including blueberry, cinnamon and sugar, and six cheese.

They serve sandwiches that are made either hot or cold using ciabatta bread or other types of breads and bagels.

Einstein Brother’s Bagels sells the classic hits including toasted avocado bagels and iced vanilla lattes.

For sweets, Einstein’s serves a variety of muffins, cakes, and pastries.

WSC student Bethany Black said, “The food is amazing. The only thing I would improve is how long it takes to get the food, but it’s worth the wait! My favorite item is the farm house.”

Lines for the food become long around the lunch hour. A feature that WSC offers to combat the long lines is the “Boost” app.

Students and faculty can download the app, make an account, order their food and pick it up in the library.

Unfortunately, the app only accepts payments using debit and credit cards.

Students are able to use their meal plans and flex cash to buy food from Einstein’s Bagels, but will not be able to order online using flex and meals with the “Boost” app.

Sydney Erickson, another WSC student said, “The price for food is reasonable and worth your money if you are using flex cash or a meal. My favorite item from the menu is the Tasty Turkey.”

Students are able to enjoy coffee and a variety of other beverages that are provided by Caribou Coffee, which is conjoined with Einstein’s Bagels.

These drinks are also featured on the “Boost” app and are available for pickup.

The average price range is from $2 to $7 for food from Einstein’s Bagels. The average prices at Caribou Coffee range from $2-$6, depending on the size and type of drink.

An array of seating and tables provides for a great place for students and faculty to wait and relax while their orders are being prepared.

There are tall tables near the window and along the walls you can find booth seating, which are convenient for students to study and chat at.

Jade Sandoval
Students can enjoy Einstein’s Bagels and coffee in the library for a savory snack between study sessions.