Modern elements save Netflix’s ‘The Perfect Date’ from total mediocrity

Julia Baxter, Staff Writer

“The Perfect Date” on Netflix has every element of the perfect chick flick. If you love cheesy romantic comedies as much as I do, this is the movie for you.

I have to say, I’m absolutely biased, I love rom coms and this had a very similar vibe to one of my favorite cheesy rom coms, “Ten Things I Hate About You.” It had that same idea of the girl starting out as too mean for anyone and then getting to know a boy and then they realize that they actually fit together really well.

I could easily say that the storyline has been done before, but there are so many elements to the movie that are modern enough to make it much more relatable to the modern audience.

Let me back up a step and give a basic overview of the storyline. The main character, Brooks, is trying to save up money to make it to Yale. After getting paid to take Celia to a dance, he comes up with an idea to create an app with the help of his friend Murph. This app lets anyone who needs an escort create the perfect date by choosing ones personality and interests for the evening. From there, you apply the typical rom com storyline with some modern references scattered throughout.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was funny, cute, and had some moments that really made me think. There were questions along the storyline that were very relatable to the common high schooler. Like why do you want to go to the college you chose? What are you going to do after college?

Where do you want to see yourself after you graduate? The movie also addressed the gaps in economic statuses and the social stresses and stigma that come with being in the lower class really well.

All in all, the movie was wonderful, it addressed social issues and combined lighthearted comedic relief with a cute lovey dovey storyline.

I can’t give it a perfect score simply because it is a redo of a pretty common storyline; however, it has so many new and interesting elements that help make it more relatable to the current audience and to the current state of the world. This combination of a known storyline and new elements makes “The Perfect Date” perfect for a relaxed movie night.