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Movie reviewer Baxter calls ‘The Act’ haunting and disturbing

Julia Baxter, Staff Writer

Hulu recently came out with the original show based on true events, “The Act,” and it is one of the most haunting and disturbing shows I’ve ever seen. If you are someone who likes a show that draws you in with a twisted half mystery, this is the show for you.

I’ve only seen a little bit of the show, because it’s one of those shows that you have to take in a little bit at a time so that you can fully process what happened in the previous episode.

Without giving much more away than the show’s trailer already does, the show follows Gypsy and her mom Dee Dee through their daily life in 2009. It leads up to an event that occurred in 2015 with little hints as to what happened tossed and intermixed in the storyline.

As the viewers follow the storyline they feel everything Gypsy feels as she learns more about the multiple physical conditions pushed on her by her mother.

“The Act” is not for everyone; if you are someone who can’t watch medical scenes, or can’t handle constant curiosity, don’t turn it on.

If you are someone who is thrilled by psychological issues tossed into a confusing mix of emotions, family problems and an overall ickyness that settles into the pit of your stomach while watching, then this is the exact show for you.

This show kept me on the edge of my seat; while watching it, I found myself looking for any clues as to what could happen next, and wondering if any of the other characters could possibly figure out what’s going on.

It also had me thinking about it afterwards— it had a very similar effect on me as the first season of “American Horror Story” did. That creepy nature that keeps you hooked in AHS is interwoven just as well in “The Act.”

This show isn’t for everyone, but if you like psychological mystery shows, then give it a shot. “The Act” is beautifully well done and fills you with emotion that will tie you in a knot for hours after you are done watching it.