Siebert loves the new Magic Wok

Kori Siebert, Columnist

he new and improved Magic Wok has my heart. I LOVE Chinese – like I’m obsessed. I only went to the old Magic Wok once and I never went back because it was so disappointing, but the new ownership has me head over heels in love.

I was so skeptical at first: the building looks the same, smells the same, pretty much everything appears the same. The food, however, let me tell you IS NOT THE SAME. It is amazing, it is incredible, I can’t write enough superlatives, because these new owners are “heart eyes” for days.

The special on Monday was peanut butter chicken, so your peanut-butter-loving-girl obviously had to try it. The chicken was about two fingers thick and about three inches long, so you can do the measuring on your hands if you so dare. There were probably about 10 or 15 of those chicken blobs, so the portions are large, plus add the two heaping scoops of fried rice.

The strips of chicken was dipped and fried in a batter that made them a golden crisp on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. The crispness was so satisfying, I legit could not stop eating my food. I have a food baby for proof. The peanut butter sauce was warm and gooey, smothering the chicken in a warm blanket. Green peppers, onions, and carrots were intermixed with the chicken, making it oh so flavorful.

I’m a veggie freak, so I loved the different flavors and textures the vegetables brought to the table (literally). My boyfriend on the other hand, picked out the vegetables only eating the chicken. To each their own, but I recommend eating EVERYTHING.

The fried rice had peas and carrots mixed in, because what fried rice doesn’t have good vegetables mixed in? The rice was sticking together, which I didn’t like because then the rice was a little mushier than I prefer. Having two big scoops of rice was much appreciated so I can’t complain on portion control.

The BF got sweet and sour chicken, so it pretty much looked the exact same as mine, but it had red sauce all over it. I only had a small bite of his chicken, but I can say it was a close second to my peanut butter chicken. It was very sweet, hence the name, and very good all around.

I can honestly say I did not leave Magic Wok hungry. I had two to-go boxes (because my boyfriend expects me to be his human food disposal) for even more meals later in the week, praise up. Just a heads up, it reheats like a boss. The food tastes exactly the same as it did two days ago, it just lost some of its crispness due to soaking in the sauce.

The price was a little above $20 which was kind of pricey for a Monday night date, but for the mounds of food we got, it wasn’t too bad.

Have I even mentioned the customer service yet? I love going to restaurants where the workers actually like what they do and take pride in it, and I definitely got that vibe from them. The owner even came out when we were finishing up and asked us how we liked our food and how the peanut butter chicken was, just because it was so different.

The food was fast, it was steaming hot and fresh, the people were so friendly, I cannot even comprehend how blessed Wayne is with the new Magic Wok owners. Highly recommend that Chinese Food Monday’s should become a thing for everyone.