Logic’s surprise soundtrack is a failed exploration of new genres

Kaitlynn Breeden, Staff Writer

Logic’s new album, “Supermarket” came completely out of left field when it was released on March 26. In it, the rapper explores his distant and previously unknown alternative rock side on his first soundtrack album.

The album was a tie-in promotion for Logic’s first novel, also titled “Supermarket,” that was published under his given name, Bobby Hall, and released the same day as the album. The novel is about a 24-year-old kid who’s depressed and works at a supermarket in Ohio.

The novel and the album both entered best-selling charts for their respective medium, and I have no idea how. Currently, the album is sitting at number 56 on the Billboard 200 charts.

Logic is predominately known for his rap career, but on this album, he strays away from rap and goes more into 2000s alternative rock. His flow is completely lost on this record and is replaced with him actually singing on every track.

The 13 tracks on the album all sound vaguely like Coldplay and Nirvana mixed together and watered down.

“Can I Kick It” and “Lemon Drop” are two of the few tracks Logic raps on. “Can I Kick It,” which opens with a chorus well executed by rhythm and blues artist Juto. His vocals are really smooth and the beat fits them very well. His tone gives the song more of a Frank Ocean vibe.

Although the beat on this track is good in comparison to the other 12 tracks, a lot of Logic’s bars are corny as hell, which brings it down for me.

“Lemon Drop” is the worst Logic song I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to. There’s a slight flow to it which I tried to appreciate, but the bars are garbage. This song sounds like the shit kids at my high school would “rap battle” to.

I’m gonna give out a tie for worst line on “Lemon Drop.” My first nomination is the intro, “Come get me, but don’t hit me. I smoke weed so I’m trippy. Get litty, get gritty, Rick Sanchez, get schwifty.”

My second option for worst line is from the second verse, which is, “Why’s everybody so uptight in this century? If you a crybaby bitch I’ma f*** yo’ mom.”

“Supermarket” is the worst album of Logic’s career. It’s full of slow alternative rock love songs that sound like the kind of songs my first boyfriend would send me and proclaim, “This is how I feel about you.”

Logic does have good albums, don’t get me wrong. “Under Pressure,” and “Bobby Tarantino II,” are both incredible albums in my opinion. Logic is really good at creating bars with deeper meanings that tend to go over your head the first time you listen to it.

He’s really good at showcasing his writing ability and making amazing songs. That’s why this album confuses me so much, because the direction he took the album in doesn’t make sense. Logic’s past records are proof that he has obvious talent, so this album really doesn’t coordinate with any of his previous work.

Logic’s soundtrack album “Supermarket” is dumpster fire trash, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless you would like to also be confused by it.