The 4th Jug satisfies Siebert’s post-meet hunger

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Kori Siebert

Food reviewer Kori Siebert visited Wayne’s very own The 4th Jug last Saturday and was impressed with her brisket meal.

Kori Siebert, Columnist

So, after a really long rainy day of competing at Wayne State’s annual track meet this last weekend, me and the fam were starving and decided we needed supper at 4 p.m. So where do you go at 4 p.m. for food in Wayne? A bar, of course. We headed over to The 4th Jug in Wayne, which was very full and very loud for being 4 p.m.

My mom got an appetizer of spinach and artichoke dip with freshly fried tortilla chips, which I most definitely appreciated. We’re diehard fans of Cheddar’s spinach and artichoke dip, so whenever we go to a new place that has it, we love to try it out and see if it lives up to its potential. Sadly, this dip did not—sorry 4th Jug, Cheddar’s wins this round.

The dish was around $8 and was a small bowl meant for only two, not four. The dip was about average, and the chips were average as well, but I was really hungry so anything could have been good to my taste buds.

Like I said, I was in one of my hungry moods, so I needed the whole menu—you know the mood, don’t judge me. I decided on half pound brisket that was beautifully laid on top of Texas toast, that came with two sides of my choosing (mashed potatoes and coleslaw).

The little slivers of meat were cooked a dramatic dark brown, the ends charred to perfection, and bar-b-que sauce drizzling in between the cracks of meat. The sauce was a little spicy, but it was a punch that I was able to handle with a full glass of water. The brisket was tender and delicate, just sweetly laying over the toast.

The Texas toast was thick and grilled on the outside, creating a faultless barrier so there was no chance of sauce getting through, creating a soggy mess. I can’t rave about toasted bread enough, it seems like a simple thing to accomplish but not many people can, so applause to you 4th Jug, you got it going on. I thought the meat was too hard at first because I couldn’t cut into it, but halfway in I figured out it was the toast. No complaint, though, because I’d take perfectly toasted bread over sogginess any day.

The sides were just decent, I’m not going to lie to you. The mashed potatoes were very creamy and good, pretty average with average brown gravy that probably came from a can. The coleslaw was alright too, something was “off” about it, but I couldn’t quite put my taste buds on it.

I love food, and it’s honestly priceless in my eyes so I’m willing to pay an outrageous amount. I understand 11 bucks isn’t an outrageous amount, it’s actually pretty decent but for what I got I feel like it should have been more like eight or nine dollars. I really don’t think I got half a pound of brisket.

The establishment was very clean and modern looking; there were high tables, normal tables, and even booths, giving everyone what they want in seating. It was a large place in general, but with large spaces come the noise. It was like being in a chicken coop. So. Loud. If they would invest in some sound absorbing panels that would have made the experience a lot better (they’re $60 on Amazon, 4th Jug, if you didn’t know where to find them).

I give The 4th Jug a 4 out of 5 because the appetizer didn’t impress, I didn’t get as much food as I thought I paid for, and the establishment was so insanely loud I couldn’t talk across the table. My main course was pretty good, though, and I think they have a lot more promising meals on the menu for another time.

Side note: for those of you 21 and over, this is obviously the spot to watch March Madness because there are T.V.’s everywhere and plenty of liquor to go around. So, who wants to go back in 224 days to buy me a drink? See you then, 4th Jug.