Siebert reviews hometown restaurant

Kerry’s Restaurant & Catering makes a dang good BLT


Kori Siebert

Food reviewer Kori Siebert visited Kerry’s Restaurant & Catering over Spring Break and, similar to the other times she has visited, was not disappointed by what the McCool Junction restaurant had to offer.

Kori Siebert, Staff Writer

This week I’m giving a little shout out to my “hometown” restaurant. Though I don’t technically live in the same town, I have a deep loving connection with this restaurant that will always make me call it home. McCool Junction, NE is the home of Kerry’s Restaurant & Catering, aka the best restaurant known to mankind.

Kerry’s has so much to offer, I have ordered so much off of their menu and I have never once been disappointed. My ultimate favorite thing to order when I’m at Kerry’s is their BLT sandwich. I don’t really know how to describe the feel, but just eating this sandwich makes me feel like I’m at home.

The toast is a thick white bread almost like Texas toast but a little thinner. It’s perfectly toasted to get that nice golden brown on top.

The one thing I applaud Kerry’s for is figuring out how to perfectly toast the bread without making it soggy from the mayonnaise on the inside of the toast, like I’m shook—my toast is always perfectly crispy. The staff really doesn’t hold back on the mayonnaise which I think makes it such a great sandwich.

First up on the sandwich between the golden pieces of toast and the mayonnaise is the bacon. Now let me tell you: no other restaurant will perfect bacon quite like they do, it’s insane. They’re thick, juicy, crisp slabs of bacon that crumble perfectly in your mouth creating the most amazing sensation. I could go on for a few hours, but I’ll just leave it at that. Piling on top of their scrumptious bacon are two thick tomato wedges.

The red circles of heaven are not too hard, not too soft, they’re the happy medium of tomatoes out there. Squirt is a weird word, but as you bite into the BLT the juicy tomatoes melt into your mouth in a liquid sort of way that squirts; it’s purely magical.

Next up on the freight train was the lettuce. I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I get the perfect veggies I just freak out, I get so excited. The lettuce is so green its unreal and it’s freshly washed, so Kerry’s obviously knows how it’s done.

And to top it all off they cut the sandwich diagonally. Mic drop. Kerry’s just has my heart. The sandwich also comes with a ton of different sides to choose from. Highly recommend the onion rings because they’re amazing but with this sandwich I always get the mashed potatoes and gravy.

They serve a huge scoop of these creamy mashed potatoes probably the size of the sandwich so it’s amazing. The skin of the potatoes is mixed in, so you know they’re real.

The gravy is also real and amazing—there’s chunks of meat throughout that just bring everything together. Plus, they serve the dish with a quarter of a pickle so that’s a plus in my books.

The atmosphere is pretty great too, it’s in between a Buffalo Wild Wing’s and Cheddars. Bar and party up front, but business and families in the back, if you get what I’m saying.

The customer service is super fast and they’re so nice and friendly. I legit can’t say enough good things about this restaurant.

Kerry’s keep doing you, because I’ll drive the two and a half hours from Wayne to come eat there every weekend if I could.