Jesse McCartney concert wows fans at WSC

Parsons reviews the performance, gives it four out of five stars


Kori Siebert

Jesse McCartney, the man behind the famous song, “Beautiful Soul,” came out with a new song, “Wasted,” in 2018. His concert at WSC was one of his many scheduled college campus performances.

Brianna Parsons, Staff Writer

Fans lined up at the doors, waiting to get in line before 6:30 p.m. The lights dimmed down and the audience gathering up one by one, everyone getting pumped up for the Jesse McCartney concert.

Waiting for the show to start, my heart was racing. Excitement ran through my veins. Seats started to fill up behind me and in front of me as the main floor kept backing up with more people ready for the show.

Before McCartney lit up the stage, the band The Icarus Account performed. In my head, I was thinking they were okay, but overall, they turned out to be better than expected. McCartney won the audience over after The Icarus Account performed.

The audience was a mix of Wayne State College students and guests from all over, adding up to be between 800 and 1,000 fans, according to an S.A.B member. Most of the fans gathered up in the front of the arena ready to sing along with McCartney.

His 2019 tour The Resolution Tour consisted of his new single “Wasted,” which dropped in 2018.

Only McCartney and a guitar player filled the ends of the stage to perform for us students as the concert started with one of McCartney’s hit songs.

The music sounded well besides a few technical difficulties through the concert. The mix of McCartney’s voice and the guitar made it blare throughout the whole arena.

The fans in the bleachers and on the floor were pumped up as McCartney played some of his older tunes. I, personally, did not know any of the songs besides a few. Even though I did not know many of the songs, McCartney’s performance was so fun for the audience that I felt as if I knew them already.

Though I didn’t even realize McCartney was still singing, I was excited to see him in concert because he was an actor in some of the shows I watched as a kid.

Once he started singing songs from his new album, I quickly ran down to the main floor of the arena to see McCartney in a better light.

The atmosphere of the concert was lively, with everyone singing along and dancing.

“I thought it was wonderful, S.A.B chose a great performer,” freshman Mackenzie Crosgrove said. “It was fun to make memories with my friends. He did a great job including all of us in his performance.”

Being there with friends made the night even more memorable for me. Standing at the front of the arena being only a small distance away from McCartney was extraordinary. I made sure to save the videos and photos I took so I can reminisce over the night days from now.

In the middle of one of his songs, McCartney stopped and asked someone from the audience to come up on stage with him. Once on the stage, McCartney serenaded her while other fans in the audience fawned over the way McCartney admired the girl.

The show rounded out to be one hour. McCartney left the stage at the end as if the show was finished, leaving the audience anxious to hear more.

He then came back and said, “Are we missing something, guys?” The audience screamed “Yes!” and McCartney proceeded to sing his hit song from 2004, “Beautiful Soul,” ending the concert with the audience and myself screaming to McCartney.