New K-pop group releases 5-track album

Cardenas gives verdict on ‘The Dream Chapter: STAR’

Morgan Cardenas, Reporter

The K-pop industry has just gotten bigger with the debut of a new group from Big Hit Entertainment. Tomorrow X Together is made up of five members ranging from ages 16 to 20; their debut album, “The Dream Chapter: STAR,” was released on March 4 and includes five songs.

The first song on the album is “Blue Orangeade.” The song has a very ’90s feel to it from the very beginning with the use of turntables and the lack of bass. The overall message is about how opposites attract to one another.

They use examples like “You like red roses. You like the blue sea. But I like violet. I want to go to the mountains.” They then talk about how being opposites makes them more special and how perfect that connection is.

The second track on the album is “CROWN.” The song starts off using Morse code that translates into CROWN and then it uses the beeping as part of the beat during the bridge of the song.

They tell the story of a boy that grows horns and is ridiculed for it. The boy feels lonely and starts to basically hate himself for being different. He then meets another boy with wings who helps him realize that it’s okay to be different from others and that he’s not alone. They tell this story all while using an upbeat track to balance out the meaning.

“Our Summer” is the third song. It is still an upbeat song but is more laid back than “CROWN” or “Blue Orangeade” and talks about being in a relationship with someone.

The main point of the song is that the person they are with makes them feel like it is summer—which they literally say with the line “No matter where you are, no matter what season, if we’re together, feels like summer.”

The album takes a turn with the fourth song “Cat & Dog.” Instead of the upbeat, more pop sounding beat the last three songs had, this is more of an EDM (electronic dance music) song with heavy bass, techno sound and a small amount of pop added in.

“Cat & Dog” also uses barking sounds in it since it’s about wanting to always be beside someone and loyal to them like how a pet, such as a dog, would be. It’s a fun song with a cute meaning of loving someone and wanting to always be there for them.

“Nap of a star” is the final song and is also very different from the previous ones. This is a slower, more ballad-like song. Similar to the other songs, though, it is another song about loving someone.

They talk about how they want to be with you even in your dreams and how being apart for a long time and not speaking to one another hurts them a lot. It almost feels like they are either talking about a previous relationship that is over that they miss, or they just miss their significant other in general.

My favorite song is either “CROWN” or “Cat & Dog” because both are very catchy songs with sweet meanings behind them; however, I was not a big fan of “Nap of a star” because of how slow it was.

It’s pretty obvious that the message for the whole album is about love, whether it’s with yourself or with someone else. They seem to be following in the footsteps of Big Hit Entertainment’s other group, BTS, with their deeper meanings for songs.

For only having five songs and being a debut album, I thought “The Dream Chapter: STAR,” was a really good start for the group’s career and have already gotten a lot of attention with it.

I think their music has a cute style to it, mainly because they are all still so young, but I also think their music will grow and mature just as they will.