I wasn’t able to enjoy my spring break

Memeing with Nick

Nick Ulrich, Columnist

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Like all of the other students here at WSC, I was looking forward to my spring break trip.

I had booked a flight and AirBNB earlier in the year and had all of my days planned out.

But unfortunately, I was followed on my spring break by all of my professors and they ruined the entire trip.

At first, when I saw my Spanish professor lurking around the airport just minutes before my flight, I thought it was a funny coincidence that I could tell all of my classmates.

But when he sat down right next to me on my flight and asked me if I had been studying the conjugations, I knew something was up.

When I tried to put in earbuds, he pulled the left one out and asked why my song of choice was in English when I could easily combine the fun of music with the power of learning of a second language.

Luckily, I was able to lose that professor once the flight had landed, but as soon as I made it to my AirBNB, I found that my history professor was standing at the door waiting for me.

I tried to put my head down and walk right past, but she stopped me and began listing interesting facts about the building.

“Built in 1902, this building has been the home of a lawyers office, music store and the famed pop culture icon, OJ Simpson.”

I tried to stop her from telling me more facts, but it only seemed to fuel her on.

“The building was the spot of a famed murder in June of 1994, can you tell me which one?”

“I’d rather not,” I said, trying again to remove myself.

“WRONG! It was OJ Simpson! I gave you a hint, silly!”

I thought I had finally escaped my professors, but when I made it inside my AirBNB, I was surprised to see my philosophy professor waiting for me, with a question that had been on his mind since classes ended.

“If the world as we know it is as it is, then what is to stop the world from being what it is not?”  I tried to shut it down right away, but it seemed that the philosophic monster had been growing inside him for some time.

“Like if this didn’t happen, what would be there to stop it from not not happening?

And what is the reason that it is forced to happen or not happen or not not happen?”  “Look I’m just trying to get away from all this for a little bit,” I tried to say. “THAT’S THE POINT NICK. We never get away from all this…”

That was enough for me to turn around and start repacking.  I realized my professor, though crazy, had at least one correct statement.

I was never allowed to take a break from school.

If my teachers wouldn’t have followed me on my plane trip to Council Bluffs, there would have been homework to be done, reading to be read, and philosophy to be thought.

At least they were all there to remind me I never really had a chance to enjoy my vacation.

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