Sonic: date night approved

Siebert indulges in post V-Day feast

Kori Siebert, Columnist

My high school science teacher once told me the secret to the best date night ever. So even though Valentine’s Day has passed, I am giving you that secret to keep date night steamy, and it is one word – Sonic. I haven’t realized just how genius my teacher was until I came to college. Like what’s the hype all about?

Well, it’s the most amazing thing ever. Food. In a car. With your lover. What more could you want? Like think about it for a hot second. Food first, then kissing later (if your partner consents), like c’mon, take your significant other there for the most PERFECT date ever.

Okay, enough talk of the stuff you’ll be doing after you let your food settle; let’s talk about the main course (the food, duh, you dirty- minded people). The number one meal I’m going to recommend for the cheapies is the carhop classic deals. You can choose from either a quarter pound double cheeseburger or a sonic signature slinger that comes with medium tots for $2.99. The tots alone give me a food orgasm. You can smell those crisp little round blobs from over a mile away and your mouth will start to water (but it won’t be the only thing wet if you’re catching my drift). And those burgers . . . they’re alright, pay extra for some bacon and they’d be better— but it’s a three-buck meal, you’re just getting average.

If you want above average and satisfying (like what most women want), then you want the Supersonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger with a large mozzarella stick and strawberry classic shake (but only because my boyfriend said I couldn’t have the banana right then). The burger alone is juicy and thick and will leave you wanting more. The mozzarella sticks, well, they have the girth everyone wants. I was sad I couldn’t get the banana shake but the strawberry one was pretty darn tootin’ amazing.

For those of you wanting the wiener, you can always go for the Footlong Quarter Pound Coney. I’ve personally never tried it, but my friends tell me it’s hard to swallow. A hotdog that’s a footlong with chili and cheese, that’s pretty insane.

Sonic has the finest deals of all time. Like let’s talk about happy hour, half off drinks and slushies from 2-4 p.m. every. single. day. Plus, if you get the app it’s whenever you want. Tuesdays are for the fam, so every Thursday from 5 p.m. until they close, it’s half prices cheese burgers, and you know those beef patties aren’t cheap, pal.

Download the app, save money, eat in your car, kiss your lover, and have some amazing date nights . . .  thanks to me and my science teacher. I’m Food Reviewer Kori Siebert, and I approve this message.