How new technology will change the college norm

A possible shift will result in money saved

David Becker, Staff Writer

With how the internet works today and the amount of money people are spending on college, I think we are going to see a radical shift in how college and higher education are done within the next five years.

That is a bold statement to make, but I think there are a lot of people, even on this campus, that are fed up with how long it takes to get a bachelor’s degree. Think about it, in the traditional sense, it takes four years to get a degree so that you can graduate and move on with the rest of your life.

With that said, we live in a world where we have information literally at our fingertips. You can even get breaking news alerts, whether that be for the news or weather, on your wrist via a smartwatch. We have smartphones that can get us the latest news and data on almost any subject out there.

The same can be said for laptops and tablets. People can learn Photoshop and other Adobe software right from YouTube how-to tutorial videos, making the jobs for college professors and teachers nearly obsolete.

People can do it from their homes and for basically free. Obviously you have to pay for the internet at your home, but a lot of students leave that up to their parents if they are still living with them, and if in a pinch, they can always go to a McDonald’s or Starbucks and mooch off their free Wi-Fi…Just make sure you buy something.

Another way education is going to change because of tech is that some employers are no longer requiring their employees to have college degrees. The reason for this is actually quite simple. Students are not learning as much about their fields in college and just because you have the degree no longer means that you are an expert in the field.

I think that the price of college for a degree is way too high by today’s standards. We have almost every piece of information available online that we learn in college.

I think we are slowly going to get away from college degrees and start hiring people based off skills. As for how you would get those qualifications? Well, that’s an article for another day because yes, I do have an idea or method as for how we as people can still get those qualifications without getting a four-year college degree.