Men’s and women’s rugby remain undefeated

Both teams won their away games this past weekend

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Connor Lindeman, Staff Writer

The men’s and women’s rugby teams had good games last week.

On Sept. 21, the women played at Southwest Minnesota State and came out with a win, 116 – 0.

The women’s backline did well at getting the ball out, and their scrum (a method of restoring play which involves players packing closely together with their heads down and attempting to gain possession of the ball) was very dominant in the short game, and having short off-loading passes to oncoming runners was succesful.

“So we had several plays, for six to seven passes, for a sixty-yard try,” coach Darren Barner said.

On Sept. 22, the men beat Benedictine College 77 – 0. The game was very similar to the women’s game.

“The men’s backline is very talented and extremely speedy and shifty and anytime we can get the ball out wide to the backs that any holes or gaps in the defense that was exposed they did very well at running through the hole at several long yards,” Barner said.

The team’s hope for both games was to iron out their game plan structure, which was hard to do last weekend with so many long yardage plays.

Their game plan for short yardage is something that will change because of the homecoming game this Saturday.

At the Homecoming game on Saturday Sept. 29, the men play South Dakota State at 4 p.m., and the women play Prairie States All Stars at 11:45 a.m. Both games will take place at the Wayne Rugby Park on East 4th Street, three blocks south of McDonald’s.

“ My hopes the games are, on the women’s side of the games is to get as many freshmen women playing time so they get more experience because the women’s side is very young, and they want to get as many players’ as possible,” Barner said.

“As far as the guys game goes, South Dakota State is coming off a big win off of St John’s, so it’s going to be rough and tough and the men are going to have a challenge.”