McDonald’s new chicken tenders are sauced up with flavor for a limited time

Kori Siebert, Staff Writer

Run, don’t walk, to the closest McDonald’s near you. McDonald’s recently released their Sweet N’ Spicy chicken tenders for a limited time and I’m living for it.

I know I’m sometimes a little eerie when it comes to trying new fads McDonald’s attempts to make happen, but trust me when I say your mouth will have a food-gasm if you just give them a chance.

This new concoction can be ordered in a pack of four, six, or 10 pieces of fricken fantastic white boneless chicken tenders. It’s like the BBQ king had a baby with the chicken queen and these little bites of heaven were then created.

The outside is the perfect combo between a crunchy crust but sauced up enough, so you have a punch of flavor at the end, not to mention that the meat is juiced to perfection.

Now let’s talk about this caramelized sauce, because let’s be honest, it’s what makes the whole combo great. I’m definitely a sweets girl but I have my spicy moments, especially when some girl tries to slide in my man’s DM’s, and this sweet and spicy sauce is nothing less.

You first get a sprinkled taste of sweetness through brown sugar, molasses, and honey. But the punch of spice comes soon after with chili pepper, onion powder, paprika and many other ingredients.

The chicken is hand-picked from the Gods and brought to the participating McDonald’s locations (not really, but really). The chicken is a perfect mixture of soft and crunch, it’s the dream chicken snack, not to mention that these babies are hand tossed to perfection in that magical sauce.

My only complaint is that they should have created a bigger order size, 10 pieces is just an appetizer for a food lover like me. They appear in cheap thin pop up boxes, but what do you expect, some gourmet looking plate for $6.49? I’ll take the cheap route with those cardboard boxes to go.

I’d recommend this new invention 11/10 any day of the week, so props to you McDonald’s, my sophomore 60 is going to happen.