NBA2K 19 Review

Nick Ulrich, Staff Writer

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As many of my friends and fellow gamers know, NBA 2k19 has recently been released, and with it a load of trend-setting updates in the world of video games. Last year, in NBA 2k18, 2k officially released their newest update in the form of “semi-delayed gaming,” where users can experience the regular gaming they’re so used to playing, but with everything happening just moments after it’s supposed to. This revolutionary play has marked a new era for not just basketball gaming, but all gaming. Here are some of the pros and cons from this year’s new release.

The biggest pro of this year’s game HAS to be the extra gameplay from when a gamer loses during the MyCareer Prelude. In previous games, the player would simply sit on the bench until he was given a chance, but in this year’s edition, players can now quit basketball and work full time at a Burger King to support their dying mother. Eventually, in this endgame, directed by Steve Harvey, the mother will always die to her devastating Cancer.

Another feature which has been highly praised by the gaming community is this year’s addition of the RealMyPark, where gamers will have their exact height and weight (courtesy of DMV records) entered into 2k, and can play only with these features.

Anyone who follows the NBA 2k Series knows that the slippery slope of Pay2Win has become increasingly annoying.

This year takes it a whole step further. If you decide to play 80 seasons with your MyPlayer, you’ll now be forced to purchase a pardon from the Catholic Church. Without a pardon, the game will no longer allow you to die and play basketball in Heaven with Jesus and Larry Bird.

Instead, you’ll be forced to play Badminton with Hitler and Magic Johnson for the rest of eternity. NBA 2k has always been an innovator in the field of eSports, and this year is no different.

Yes, they’ve decided to remove the classic “rebound” that many NBA teams are also moving away from, but in return, they’ve added two new features that give gamers much more gameplay to pursue.

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