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Bree Ackermann: The story of an exceptional student athlete on and off the field

Dulce Torres, Staff Writer

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Is being a collegiate student athlete hard? This a question that probably is asked by many close friends and even family members of student athletes.

“It is physically, mentally, and emotionally tasking,” senior Bree Ackermann said.

Ackermann is just one of the dozens of students who work hard on the court and even harder off the court.

“I feel there’s pressure to perform exceptionally on and off the court.” she said.

Ackermann feels the pressure, but she makes it seem like she is excelling with ease. She not only has the career of a student athlete—plenty busy as it is—but also during the summer, she is devoted to maintaining the college and keeps it looking fresh—with paint that is.

I work alongside Ackermann, although in different work crews. She worked on paint crew while I worked on scrub crew. Almost every morning, she would scurry to work still wearing her gear from volleyball practice.

The paint crew had to present themselves to work around 6:30 a.m.

“Aside from being sweaty and gross all day, I would say it required effort, but more so time management and communication skills. I was blessed with a boss who was really understanding about my schedule and accommodated. I had to plan ahead and communicate when I’d be late or gone, but he made it really easy. I was so lucky to find a flexible job like the paint crew for the summer,” she said.

Time management and scheduling are what make Ackermann’s day a breeze, even in the sizzling hot resident halls.

She plays for our very own Wayne State College as a defensive specialist on the volleyball team.

During the school year she has a very gueling schedule that is
difficult to manage.

“I am a list maker so I’ll give you an agenda,” Ackermann said. “7 a.m. meet friends for coffee, 8 a.m. weight lifting, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. classes/studying/ tutor at the Writing Help Desk.”

The list goes on for Ackermann until 10 p.m., when her day finally ends with a Bible study.

Just as Ackermann works hard in the weight room to become the best athlete she can be, she works similarly on her faith. She makes it her goal to work on herself as well as her faith.

“I have a goal notebook and I wrote three goals inside related to volleyball: 1. To glorify God through the talent He gave me. 2. To win a national championship. 3. To be the best version of myself in whatever role I’m given on the court, on the bench and off the court.”

Time management, communication skills, list making and above all, having a strong faith is what makes Ackermann a successful Wildcat athlete.

Her busy schedule does not stop her from working hard inside and outside the gym. This is just a small side of what it entails to be a student athlete. WSC should be proud of its student athletes!

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Bree Ackermann: The story of an exceptional student athlete on and off the field