Welcome to the world of fiction

Liz Moeller, Staff Writer

The annual Lucky 13 Fiction Slam returns on Thursday, at the Max Bar and Grill. Premlins start at 5 p.m. with finals following at 7 p.m. This will be the final slam before winter break.

“It’s a great way for students to show their work to a large audience,” Elizabeth Elmer-Harrell said.

Students are free to share whatever it is they want to read to a welcoming audience in the Max, and will be judged for their work in the competition.

“Fiction is a result of our fantasies that we all want to live,” WSC student Sean Dunn said.

The writing community comes in full force to both participate and compete, and with this being the final slam of the year, there is expected to be a full house.

“They’re interesting. You get to hear different perspectives of other writers. You get to hear how they do their own writing,” WSC student Cheyenne Reimers said.

While she hasn’t participated in a slam herself, she does enjoy watching the slams to know a bit more of how the writers see the world through their own eyes.

“Every writer is different and unique. It’s interesting to see and hear how someone sees their own work,” Reimers said.

There is a wide range of work that is often seen at the slams, from the dark and depressing to works that start out erotic but actually center around someone eating a piece of toast in the morning.

This uniqueness gives the slam its own character, and every year, that character comes alive again. For those who are wishing to participate in the slam, it is open to anyone and everyone and is free to watch. For those who wish to compete, there is a $5 entry fee. Make sure to bring four short stories, two for the prelims and two for the finals.

Anyone can come and be inspired by the work of students across campus, and is a perfect way to allow authors to come out of their shell and share their work.