A bad leader is better than no leader

Memeing with Nick

Nick Ulrich, Columnist

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I spend most of my free time playing video games on PC. The game I play most is called “Counter Strike: Global Offensive.” It is a 5v5 team-based first-person-shooter. The most important aspect of Counter Strike is the team aspect. Aim is an important factor, but the game mostly revolves around teamwork.

The teams in Counter Strike are chosen at random. Often I find myself in a group of five immature idiots who have no idea what they are talking about, but nonetheless we play on. Sometimes people choose to solely troll or kill teammates if they don’t get what they want. Sometimes people choose to not move for an entire match just to piss off teammates. The game is broken.

There are many roles on the team and one of the most important roles is the leader. No one is assigned the role of leader, it is just taken by whomever wants it. Their job is to call where everyone is to go at the beginning, middle, and end of the rounds. He/She tells everyone when to buy certain weapons. The leader also calls when to push forward or fall back. As far as the team aspect, the leader is the most important person on the team.

I have had many good and bad leaders in my games. I have had people with an incredible understanding for the game who know where the other team is or what they are doing at all times. Similarly, I have had leaders who don’t understand the concept of teamwork or don’t understand the idea of strategic play. I have had leaders who will die to win a round and I have had ones that only really care about themselves. However, what I have found most interesting is that the worst part is not when there is a bad leader, but when there are teammates who believe they are better than the leader and need not listen to him. When no one is listening to the leader, the teammates play solo games. This does not work for a team-based game. When no one is listening, no one has any idea where the enemies may be. There is no teamwork if there is no team leader.

When Donald Trump won the election, we were all granted possibly one of the worst leaders we could have. Trump has been openly deplorable to many foreigners, women and people who are not like him. Although I think these qualities are some that should not ever be found in a leader, it is the cards we have been dealt.

As a nation, there has been no greater time than now to come together. With wars in an outstanding amount of countries and an economy on the brink of collapse, we need a leader right now, even if it is a terrible one. The most important thing we can do as a country now is to rally around our leader and hope that he doesn’t make everything terrible.

I am in no way a Trump supporter. But he is my president and my leader. As long as he does not make any choices that infringe upon the rights of others or upon my own morals, I shall support his decision. A bad leader is better than no leader at all.

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