From the big city to a small town


WSC Athletics

Kes Burke

Morgan Stough, Staff Writer

Second-year student Kes Burke found her place at Wayne State College within the Track and Field team the first moment she stepped onto campus.
“I really enjoyed my visit. I knew Brett (Suckstorf) was a really good coach and that would be really beneficial for my future in throwing,” said Burke.
This is Burke’s second year throwing hammer and weight for Wayne State. She had a successful throwing career in high school and hopes to have the same success in college.
“I have a lot of medals,” she said. “Freshman year (of high school) I won every meet I went to. Hopefully this year I can place at conference and qualify for nationals.”
Burke also chose Wayne State because of her plans for the future.
“I knew that it would be good for my major,” she said. “I want to be an athletic trainer and my trainer in high school actually came here and had the same major as me.”
When Burke moved to Wayne from Omaha, she noticed a different atmosphere than she was used to.
“The atmosphere that Wayne brings is a really positive one,” Burke said. “You walk in and everyone says hi to each other, everyone’s really friendly. That’s not something you really get in Omaha.”
Burke also said that her second year has proven to be a lot different than her freshman year.
“I’d say it’s a lot more stressful,” she said. “I’m getting more into my major classes and making sure I find a balance. Track also got kicked up a notch. We train harder, we train more aggressively.”
Her roommate, Samantha Coufal, said that living with Kes is exciting.
“It’s always an adventure with Kes,” said Coufal. “She is my spirit animal and I’m her spirit animal.”
Burke cited a surprising talent outside of her abilities in track and field.
“I can touch my tongue to my nose,” she said excitedly.
Coufal also said that Burke’s eccentric laugh is one of her talents.
“It’s so funny,” said Coufal. “It definitely got the attention of Drew Lynch.”
Lynch, a comedian, was on campus last Friday for a show. He interrupted a joke to comment on her unique laugh, and turned it into a running joke for the whole show.