Domestic Abuse Awareness

Erika Schwartz, Staff Writer

To spread awareness and reach out to victims of domestic abuse, through the month of October Haven House, a center of support for those who suffer from domestic or sexual abuse, created displays throughout the communities of Wayne, Cedar, Dakota, Dixon and Thurston counties encouraging victims to get out, and get help.

October is Domestic Abuse Awareness Month. Josh Sievers, outreach coordinator at Haven House, explained that raising awareness for domestic abuse started out as one day in October, then a week. Now, the entire month of October is dedicated to informing the public about the seriousness of domestic violence.

“We set up displays throughout the communities in the theme of ‘getting out,’” said Connie Reyes, shelter manager. “We tried to include information about how to ‘get out’ (of an abusive situation.)”

Some of this information included what victims should bring with them when leaving a violent situation. Things like a driver’s license, a change of clothes, medications and necessities for children were part of the included info.

“Once the victims get to our shelter, we can provide things for basic needs, and vouchers to Micah’s Closet,” said Reyes. “But they (victims) should have things to get by for a day or two if they have to.”

One of these displays can be found in the WSC Conn Library.

In addition to setting up awareness displays around the communities, Haven House also distributed fliers in restrooms and other private places and posted various things on its Facebook page to increase consciousness as well.

“One of the biggest things we raise awareness for with the college is dating violence,” said Sievers. “But sexual assault can turn in to domestic violence, so this month is important for that reason also.”

As a nonprofit organization, Haven House is always in need of volunteers. For more information regarding Haven House, volunteering, domestic violence or how to get help visit