‘Just Words’ leaves its impact


Aahron Young

Rachel Brown shows how hurtful words can be in Resident Life’s event “Just Words” on Oct. 12-13.

Megan Seamann, Staff Writer

Students had the opportunity to be led through the tunnels of the Kanter Student Center for the Residence Life event “Just Words” on Oct. 12-13.


“Just Words” covered an array of topics including race, body image, derogatory terms, LGBT+ and hope in action.


“The goal of ‘Just Words’ is to shape discourse on campus. Just because they are words doesn’t mean they don’t leave a deep hurt,” Assistant Director of Residence Life for hall supervision Terrance Davis said. “The saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but your words don’t hurt me’ is not really true.”


Around 100 students participated in this year’s event, and everyone seemed to have something good to say about it as Davis claimed.


“I personally related to the mirror one, the body versus self,” WSC senior and Resident Assistant (RA), Mikala Farrier said. “Girls are notorious for finding every bad thing about themselves.”


Farrier was one of the actors for the derogatory words section and said she was able to see some of the students’ reactions despite the dark hallway. She said some students grew really uncomfortable and she could tell that what was said really hit a nerve for others.


Davis said the tunnels were chosen as the best place on campus to hold this event as students don’t get to go in the tunnels often.


“The environment is a big part of it,” Davis said. “It’s designed to take people out of their comfort zone.”


Farrier said that as an RA, she was trained to be aware. Their job is to make good living communities that are warm and welcoming.


For students who struggle with the issues that were brought up during “Just Words,” Davis said there are plenty of people on campus to talk with depending on the nature of the issue. There is the Title IX coordinator, the RAs, Davis or the other assistant directors and the Counseling Center. Davis said the different clubs on campus also offer a positive support structure that students can reach out to for help.