Not guilty plea in Erby-Hester hit-and-run

DaQuan Samuel, Staff Writer

The suspect in the California hit-and-run of former Wayne State football players J’ron Erby and Kendrick Hester pleaded not guilty to attempted murder charges.

24-year-old Omar Gutierrez was arrested at his job in connection with the hit-and-run that took place in August on Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach, Calif. He could face 13 years to life if convicted.

Police believe that after getting into an alleged argument with the alumni, Gutierrez and his girlfriend fled the scene and later Gutierrez intentionally ran over the victims.

“I’m happy to see him brought in,” Hester said, “things are almost back to normal.”

Erby is currently recovering from brain injuries caused by the impact, while Hester, who received a large laceration across his forehead as well as other wounds, has already reacclimated to his regular schedule.

“I feel happy about them catching the suspect, but I’m more focused on my recovery,” Erby said. “It’s going to take some time. I can’t really hear out my left ear right now, but I’ll be all right.”

Erby is currently in recovery therapy. He has multiple stretching exercises and workouts he does daily, as well as speech, occupational and physical therapy once a week at the hospital.

He writes in a journal daily to get his writing back to what it was, as well as reading daily to help his word recall.

Gutierrez is set for bail review today, with a preliminary hearing set for Jan. 10.