‘What are we, some kind of Suicide Squad?’

‘Suicide Squad’ was one of the many comic-to-movie adaptations that came out this past summer.

Zee Elmer, Staff Writer

It looks like I’m late to the party, as always, but I finally went to see “Suicide Squad” this weekend. As someone who grew up reading Marvel, DC and Image comics, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with the recent string of comic-to-movie adaptations.


On one hand, I love to see the characters and stories I grew up with being brought to life on the silver screen, especially with the right cast, crew and writers. On the other, I’m not always fond of how the movie turns out. (I mean, did we really need to reboot “The Fantastic Four” after the train wreck that was “Rise of the Silver Surfer?”)


However, once the trailer premiered at the 2015 Comic Con, I’ve been crazy excited to see “Suicide Squad.” I loved a lot of the actors who were cast and was excited to see how they portrayed the characters. Even when the movie premiered in August to less than stellar reviews, I wanted to see it more than any other movie (with the exception of “Sully”) to come out this year.


As with other films, I had mixed feelings.


I honestly hated how all the characters were introduced to us – like bachelors on “The Dating Game,” with only a small bit of background provided and the rest left up to flashbacks throughout the film.


Now I would totally go see a movie for each character a la “The Avengers,” because I have no life, but at the very least they deserve more than three minutes of narrated introduction.


That being said, I was able to feel some kind of connection with the characters after their formation into a group called Task Force X.


El Diablo’s personality really came out later in the movie in a way I wasn’t quite expecting, which gave me a new appreciation for his character. I also enjoyed getting to see Harley Quinn coming out of her Joker-induced trance for a good 30 minutes of screen time and showing more of how literally insane she is.


The cinematography and casting choices were amazing, but the plot and script really needed improvement. It felt like one more good polish could’ve done the trick and really made the movie one for the books.


After the dust cleared from the big fight scene, the ending was meh, the supposed plot twist predictable and I’m still mad I waited around for the end credits scene that made absolutely no sense!


But, all in all, it was a good movie. Maybe not what I was really hoping for, but I’d probably watch it again.