Student Spotlight


Kelley Robinson

Morgan Stough, Staff Writer

Senior Kelley Robinson is the All-American college student.


Hailing from the small town of Polk, Nebraska, Robinson will graduate from Wayne State College in May 2017 and has been a part of over ten campus clubs and organizations in her four years here.


“I think a better question is what am I not involved in on campus,” Robinson said. She named off a laundry list of commitments: Residence Hall Association, vice president of Student Senate, marching band, and Navigators- just to name a few.


“The most exciting for me would have to be Student Senate,” she said. “I’ve never had a leadership role like this, so it’s very exciting to see this side of things.”


She loves Wayne State and says that the best part of the college is the people she has made friendships with.


“I’ve met so many very close friends here and people who have impacted me in such a positive way,” she said. “I will never forget all the people that I’ve met here.”


Robinson has enjoyed her time in college so much that she wants to continue working in Residence Life after graduation. She hopes to go to graduate school on the East Coast and get a masters degree in student affairs.


“I want to be able to still educate kids while doing something I love, and to be there to teach life lessons rather than things out of a book,” she said.


Her inspirations include her older brother and sister.


“They both have taught me things that I want to do with my life and they’ve taught me things that I don’t want to do with my life,” she said. “I believe that whatever I do in my life, I’ll do with the knowledge that they’ll be there to offer me all the advice I could ever need.”


She said that she hopes to be an inspiration to her nieces and nephews in the same way her siblings were to her.


Robinson aims to leave her mark of positivity on Wayne State’s campus.


“One thing that I would want (people) to know about me would be that I was always a happy person,” she said. “That I was always there to give somebody a smile or a hug when they needed it, always there to make people feel better.”


Robinson will graduate in May with an English Writing and Literature degree and a minor in Speech Communications.