Welcome to WillyCon


Photo courtesy of Molly Lalajo

Students got the chance to do some LARPing on campus this week as part of WSC’s WillyCon.

Sami Taylor, Staff Writer

WillyCon returned to campus last weekend, bringing science-fiction and fantasy fans from all over the Midwest.

The conventions were held Friday through Sunday in and around the Student Center. There were numerous panels, vendors and fun events to fill the weekend.

“The most interesting part of the con is there is something for everyone,” Event coordinator Sean Neal said. “From the art to cosplay to checking out as many panels as possible, there’s always something to do. Plus, it’s a good way to meet a lot of people with common interests.”

The panels included such topics as Attack on Titan, Amtgard LARP (Live Action Role Play), Go, Go Power Rangers and a lot more.

One of Neal’s, favorite panels was called “Homestuck.”

“It was put on by Michael Vacha, Stephanie Schumacher and Cody Talbott,” Neal said. “They discussed one of their passions known as Homestuck. Homestuck is an interactive, online web comic.

It has one of the fastest growing fan bases and this panel was to help introduce more people to it.”

Another popular panel was led by Dr. Todd Young who talked about the science of science fiction.

“He picked a few key elements that recur in films and pointed out whether it followed good science processes or if it was total BS,” Neal said.

Many students enjoyed cosplaying as their favorite science fiction or fantasy character. Cosplaying is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, T.V. show, book, video game or other media.

The art show was open all three days of the convention and raised over $4,000, some of which went to the focus charity, Haven House, according to Ron Vick, adviser of the club.

“Now we [Sci-Fi Club] need to concentrate on next year. With David Weber coming, I expect it to be bigger,” Vick said.

Next year’s WillyCon will be held April 10- 12.