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‘Treasure Island’ docks into Ramsey for all ye scallywags

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Sarah Lentz, Staff Writer

Wayne State College’s theater department brought swashbuckling fun during their rendition of “Treasure Island” for the 54th annual Children’s Show.

The play tells the story of a boy Jim (played by senior Kelsie Waldon) and his adventures after he’s given a map by a dying pirate. The young audience was enthralled as Jim raced a group of scallywags to find the buried treasure.

The highlight of “Treasure Island” easily was the strong performance given by the ensemble cast. They served as the band of pirates led by Long John Silver (played by senior William Miller) racing Jim to the treasure.

The colorful gang of pirates kept the young audience roaring with laughter. They used just the right amount of slapstick comedy to entertain without taking away from the story.

During the intermission, a small group of the ensemble pirates kept the energy up by leading a sing-along of “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.”

The entire cast did an amazing job building the anticipation in a kid-friendly way. The combination of actors breaking the fourth wall by entering and exiting through the audience, and strong, entertaining performances kept the children engaged.

Waldon was great playing the story’s protagonist. Another crowd favorite was freshman Gavin Friedrich, who played Jim’s Aunt Nan. Friedrich’s goofiness played well with the slapstick pirates to thoroughly entertain the children.