More than just PRIDE

Kayla Mathewson, Staff Writer

There’s a little more to Landon Norquest, President of Sci-Fi and treasurer of PRIDE, than what meets the eye.


Landon made the decision to come to WSC, because he felt that the campus was very “homey” and it just felt right when he visited the college. He also aspired to be a high school math teacher, and Wayne had everything he needed to reach his goals.


Landon is also a theater minor and is said to be “Wayne’s first math education major with a theater minor.” He was heavily involved with the theater program at his high school in York, Nebraska and participated in One Act and Speech.


When Landon first arrived here on campus at New Student Orientation his freshman year, (2014) he revealed something that very few people in his hometown knew. That he was bisexual.


“Nothing really told me that I could be open about it. I figured since it was a new college, it was a new me, and I figured I could try it out and it was very easy.” Norquest said. When he became open on campus, he figured it was time to come out to a few close friends back in York.


Norquest said that he hasn’t gotten much negative retaliation about his sexuality, whether it be in Wayne or York, and most of his friends have been very supportive of him. There is one particular group of people that don’t know, and that would be his family.


“I’ve never been close to them in the past and don’t really feel the need to.” Norquest said when asked if he will ever come out to his family.


Norquest has struggled with figuring out who he is for a long time, but finally got a sense of belonging when he arrived to Wayne. However, there is still some work that needs to be done for Wayne to be a completely safe environment for those in the LGBTQ+ community.


There is one club on campus that is very safe and accepting of everyone who joins. If there’s anyone on campus that is struggling with figuring out who they are when it comes to their sexuality, Norquest recommends that you join PRIDE.


“It’s a very good support group to have behind you,” Norquest said. “Otherwise, I would find someone you trust to confide in and to tell them everything, and then slowly let it be known as to what your sexuality is.”