Missing members shorten the agenda, stall amendment

Calyn Dunklau, Staff Writer

Despite a large agenda, last night’s City Council meeting moved along quickly as three Council members were gone. Instead, most of the agenda items had to be pushed to the next meeting.

However, the council did consider city property purchases, street improvement and a memorandum between the City of Wayne and the Wayne Basketball Development Association.

The Council approved the land acquisition of properties at 939 Main Street and 109 E. 10th Street from the Community Development Agency.

These two properties, just south of the Willow Bowl, were purchased and demolished by the CDA. The City is purchasing the properties for the purpose of adding turning lanes to allow for better traffic flow near the college.

Street Superintendent Joel Hansen presented a street improvement schedule set to start this summer. Some of the streets to be redone include Hillside Drive and Tomar Drive.

The Wayne Basketball Development Association asked the City if it would be willing to agree to a memorandum so that it may use Wayne State’s facilities to partially host a large tournament.

WSC is also willing to hold the tournament on campus, along with the Community Activity Center and City Auditorium, as long as the group had insurance.

The Council unanimously approved the memorandum of understanding between the City and the WBDA.

This memorandum states that the WBDA continue operating the way it currently does, however it pulls the WBDA into the previously existing Rec program through the City, giving the association the insurance needed by WSC.

There was also the second reading of an amendment to the Wayne Municipal Code. The change in the code states that a trailer may not sit in front of a home (even if it is on a paved driveway) for more than 72 hours.

Sticking to her guns, council member Jennifer Sievers once again voted against the amendment.

With the one vote against the amendment, the ordinance had to be passed over until next meeting as there was no majority due to the absence of council members.